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Makarov Anton Pavlovich, master degree student, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (105005, p. 1, 5 2nd Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail:
Soloviev Vladimir Anatolyevich, associate professor, sub-department of design and production technology of electronic equipment, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (105005, p. 1, 5 2nd Baumanskaya street, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. This article is devoted to the development of the method of element-by-element redundancy, which implements a structural approach to redundancy, involving the inclusion in the scheme of the device of additional elements that allow to compensate for the failures of individual parts of the device. It is necessary to determine the parameters of the reservation, as provided that the weight, dimensions, cost should not be higher than the permissible limit level, and the reliability of the maximum, and provided that the reliability should not be lower than the required, and the weight, dimensions and cost-minimum.
Materials and methods. In this article the method of the optimized redundant system calculation according to the criterion of its complexity was considered. For this calculation it is supposed to use probabilistic methods of reliability calculation. The method of approximate calculation was used.
Results. A practical method of reservation system synthesis using an interactive environment for programming, numerical calculations and visualization of MathworksMatlab is proposed.
Conclusions. The methodology allows to make calculations of optimal technical systems according to the criterion of complexity of the reservation system, providing the best reliability with ease of implementation, breakeven, minimum weight and cost, respectively. 

Key words

reliability, redundancy, reliability assurance methods, optimization of reservation 

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